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  • 马来西亚第二家园计划说明会


  • MM2H Program Table Talk

    We are inviting you to attend our table talk about the MM2H. Every Friday in Our JB Office 9-10am and 3- 4pm

    Please make appointment

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Our dedicated consultant will provide the information you need and necessary advise.

Business Investment 生意投资

Wish to know investment in Malaysia via MM2H? We can provide the assistance.

MM2H Program incentives 体验第二家园签证的好处

We use references from other successful applicants 我们引用成功申请者来介绍第二家园

The success appliant can utilise this visa to obtain various benefs such as Property Purchase, Children Education, Business Investment, Working Part- Time (> 50 years old) and Tax exemption for foreign source income.

MM2H Application Process 第二家园计划申请流程

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We are accepting live consultancy by using Web-Conference. Please make appointment now. 我们现在接受网上视频咨询,请现在就预约

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